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The moment I really enjoyed.

  • 2006/12/01(金) 05:59:43

Well… I just feel I kinda wanna write my blog in English…umm I guess it is just because I sent e-mail in English to my friend, Joe.

This past Tuesday, I was helping the event for multi-cultural day.
That event was really bad as compare as Share Japanese Culture Day.
Damn, it would be hella long story to explain whole stuff, oh well, anyway,

I was teaching calligraphy and charging money by selling Pockys.
The event started at 12 and ended 3pm.( again, that was crap)

After we finished up everything, I was frozen so that me and Masaki, who was sitting right next to me doing tabling for G.R.E.A.T, went to peets coffee to get something to warm our frozen body up. While we were drinking coffee at DVC cafeteria, we talked a lot. I mean, a lot.

Man, I haven’t talked my personal stuff or opinions to someone for long time.
We talked about Japanese politics, our life experience, music and movies we both like, love, and so on.

One thing I found out was me and Masaki love our mom so much. Even though we said, “if there were ppl who’s saying they hate their mom, they should die”.
Seriously, I don’t like the ppl who’s saying that. We were so excited to talk about it.

So that I feel the moment we were talking straight 3 hrs was really precious. Of course what we discussed has no solution, especially when we talked about politics. What’s important is to share the opinions, right?

Aaaand yesterday, Kao, Lauren, her friend, Rod, Yuki, stayed my room from 6-11pm.
We were lying on my bed, chatting and joking.

I really like doing these. I feel I am living, breathing, feeling something as human, here on the earth.

This semester I was too lazy to be with my friends to hang out together. As time went by, I lost my friends because of my laziness. ( heh, obviously, what u do is what u get in the future, huh?)

As writing e-mail to my friend, joe, I suddenly felt I really wanna change my life.
So, yeah….I am gonna get my life and my friends back from now on.

What I am writing is totally pointless, but yeah, I really wanted to let my voice go instead of just thinking in my head.








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